How to buy Bouncepad products as an EU customer

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As of the 1st January 2021, the UK is no longer part of the EU. We expect our EU customers have a lot of questions about the impact this will have on our ability to trade with EU countries, so we want to set the record straight.

Buying direct?

EU customers can still purchase directly from Bouncepad, via the website or over the phone with the Customer Service team. The UK and EU have a zero-tariff trade agreement in place, meaning you will not be liable for any import duties. You will however, need to pay your local VAT before UPS will deliver your order. UPS will manage this for you and will contact you by email or phone to arrange payment for applicable VAT charges. They may apply a small fee for paying the VAT upfront which will be based on the value of your order.

Orders being delivered to Europe but to countries outside of the EU will be subject to local duties and taxes, which are the responsibility of the recipient - as laid out in our Terms of Business.

Prefer to buy from the EU?

If you would prefer to transact with an EU company when purchasing your Bouncepad we have the perfect partner who can help!

We have a longstanding relationship with Tabletpro, they are big supporters of Bouncepad products and know our range very well. TabletPro are equipped to handle all your needs with ease and we are confident they will provide a seamless customer journey for our EU customers.

Tabletpro are based in the Netherlands so you can purchase from them like you would from any other business based in a country in the European Union. Tabletpro will manage the importation of our products into the EU so you don’t have to.

Tabletpro specializes in tablet and iPad enclosures for professional and commercial use. Their product range consists of carefully curated products, perfect for business applications. Due to their extensive experience with the application of tablets, they are able to offer specialized guidance on your project and advise the best solution. Tabletpro and Bouncepad have been long term partners, providing a professional service to small and large corporate customers throughout Europe.

Whether you want to buy direct or via Tabletpro, feel free to contact the Bouncepad Customer Service Team who can assist you with your purchase or any questions you may have.